Van Roof Racks & Side Racking

With the cost of fuel rising it’s important to any business to be as fuel efficient as possible. so we have specifically designed a revolutionary new range of van racking. being lightweight and aerodynamic optimises the efficiency. which simply means our van racking won’t impede on the carrying capacity or the fuel returns, unlike most other heavy steel van racks. the heavier the load the more your van has to work to carry it…. so why fit a heavy steel roof rack? it’s making your van work harder even when it’s unladen.


Aero tube the wind noise often associated to commercial roof racks is usually resistance. acting like a huge wind brake, the air cannot flow past the rack quick enough. this again can have a negative effect on your vehicle’s fuel return, as it works harder to push itself through the wind resistance.

0002878_volkswagen-caddy_450although our van roof racks may look quite chunky. the profile we use is rounded with radius corners. this helps the air to flow past. it also helps the van operator to load and unload the roof rack without the risk of injury. this is because the carried load is now less in contact with the rack, allowing items to be easily dragged on and off.

Built to last

Built in the united kingdom this revolutionary new van racking system will present years and years of long working life. this is achieved by using materials that won’t rust…. ” aluminium “. even the traditional galvanised builders van roof racks will rust once its coating is penetrated. at best there warranty will only last 15 years. aluminium simply doesn’t rust. and therefore will offer an exceptional long working life.

Strength to weight ratio

Aluminium has been used for decades by vehicle builders. Having excellent strength to weight ratios and being rust free it’s the most natural choice. All vehicles have a carrying capacity. So heavy van racking reduces the carrying capacity. Likewise, Heavy van racking will also have a negative effect on the vehicle fuel returns. After all, It’s carrying this excess weight whether it’s laden or not!

Universal design

The truth is it will outlast your van! so to ensure the cost efficiency is still optimised we have deliberately made our van roof and side racks universal. now! there’s no need to let the van racking go to the scrap yard with the van. with our long lasting universal van racks they can simply be transferred to you next van. even if it’s a completely different make & model.

It really is a “No Brainer” for anyone in business….

~ revolutionary design won’t impede on fuel returns.

~ light weight allows more weight to be carried legally.

~ universal design transferring to new vehicles.

~ long life cost efficiency.

~ reduced risk to personal injury.

Listed here is one of our best selling van racks. a three bar rack and roller. which fits the following vans…

So How Did We Achieve This?

The cross bars of our roof racks are rounded to reduce “drag”. Having a large framework on the roof can act like a huge “air-brake”. The noise often associated to roof racks is resistance. The air cannot flow past it quick enough. Harsh square corners of box section steel is usually the culprit, but it’s not just an unpleasant noise. Resistance means your vehicle will be working even harder. Which of course means it is then “LESS Fuel Efficient”. aero tube Rounded corners also reduces the drag in the physical sense too. The carried load is now less in contact with the roof rack. So dragging ladders etc off the rack is now even easier reducing the injury risk.

The weight of the rack also needs to be taken into account. Producing a roof rack from steel will ultimately be heavy. But every van has a weight limit. So what’s the point reducing your weight limit by fitting a heavy roof rack? Again this will have a negative effect on fuel returns. Even when the rack is unladen it is still heavy and therefore making the van work harder for no reason at all! Our van roof racks are predominantly produced from high grade aluminium. The same grade specified by N.A.S.A. Offering excellent strength to weight ratios. So our van roof racks are more fuel efficient than heavy steel ones.

Weight dispersion also seems to be neglected. All vehicles not just vans are produced from structural post. “A” post, “B” post , etc. These posts help disperse weight through the vehicle to the ground. Often you’ll see a van roof rack with its mounting feet randomly positioned. Our van racks allow the mounting/dispersion feet to be placed where they can work the best, not welded static to a framework. The wider the mounting foot, the more weight it can disperse. Ours are 100mm most other van racks are only 50mm.

Some people ask, “Is it strong enough?” The ladders that you risk your life with, climbing 50ft high are produced from…aluminium. Prestigious and performance cars are often produced from aluminium. Each one of our cross bars has been tested to over 200kg…. So yes they are more than capable.